CF3FA32F-F3AF-419F-83D4-76A0869B316FRecently a studying shows: “Vegetables should make up half of what’s on your plate in any given meal.” & “lightly cooking food makes its nutrients easier for the body to take on.” So this fits perfectly with the chinese diet.

Frying vegetables is an essential part of the table. It is simple and nutritious.


  • Fresh Bok Choy
  • Oil, salt, sugar and garlic ( my receipt without garlic due to taking it for lunch)


Clean, cut into a half or separate all leafs


Boiling water in a pot and add little oil

BC73281C-27AB-4570-A8E1-C45BAADD2FF0Put the vegetables into the pot for 1 minute.


Get out and drain water for later use. It looks fresh and shining.

82593BDE-0C95-4BFC-88DD-C02D005B9190Heat up oil in wok and add the vegetables in. Add salt and pinch sugar. Done!



You can slice few piece of cooked sausages if you really like meat. You have a balance of nutrition.