E413869D-B6BD-4508-BA07-A904E9457A94Chinese old saying, Chinese cabbage is best one of the hundreds vegetables.  In the legend, the Empress Dowager CI XI has fried Chinese cabbage every day. It is both delicious and nutritious. Today it is a daily essential dish in Chinese family table. The name “Golden Edge Chinese Cabbage” means a brown color around edge of the piece of cabbages.


  • Chinese cabbage (Stalk parts)
  • Vinegar( better use Chinese vinegar)and salt


  • Clean cabbages and cut the stalk part into a shape of 1cm wide and 4cm long.
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  • Heat up oil in a wok until the oil temperature really high. Put the cabbage into the wok immediately add 1tsp. vinegar and 1tsp salt flip the cabbage in the wok (or use chopsticks stir for 1-2 minutes) done!