This is very popular dish in China. Rich nutrition, the best match for protein and vegetables. The taste is sour, sweet, spicy and crispy. It is easy to make. The best way to eat it is with rices.


1 piece of chicken breast

1 carrot

1 red bell pepper

1 green bell pepper

1/2 red onion

5-6 pieces of dry red pepper

A handful of peanuts (pre-cooked, pried) optional

1 cucumber (small size of cucumber)

Sauce: A teaspoon of corn starch, a tablespoon soy sauce, a teaspoon vinegar and a teaspoon sugar with a half cup of water mix them together.


Diced all chicken and vegetables.

put the chicken into a bowl and with two teaspoons cook wine and a teaspoon soy sauce , stir (clockwise) until it sticky then put a pinch of corn starch stir and put a teaspoon oil rest for a minutes for using.

Heat the pan or wok, put three tablespoons oil until oil heated about mid temperature, put the sauced chicken into the wok stir until the color changed, then put the rest of ingredients into the wok and stir until well done, Before you turn off the heat, pour the sauce into the wok stir a minutes. Done!

I hope you like it!